Duties and Responsibilities


Role of the Manager and Board of Directors
The primary reaponsibility of the HOA Manager is contractual in nature. Either the Manager must comply with the written management contract or, if an employee, the written job description and sometimes an employee contract

The Board will give directives to management for the specific tasks to be performed. It is critical to clearly understand what exactly the Board is asking you to do. At this point, the Manager should determine how the task should be accomplished. Is it delegated to a third party? Should the HOA create a special volunteer committee to do the work? Or is the task the direct responsibility of the Manager?

Your Fiduciary Responsibilities
No matter what your position, every board member and officer has a fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of the association as a whole. You must exercise sound business judgement respect the confidentiality of board deliberations and decisions, and avoid real and perceived conflicts of interest. In short, you must execute your responsibilities in good faith with good judgement, without conflict, and by always putting the association’s interest above your own.